Frozen Meats-While Supplies Last

Price List For Wed April 29, Thurs April 30, 2015-While Supplies Last

***Last Week of LoveGan deliveries (see note on home page)***

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BEEF – Ontario Natural

Beef Hamburger Patties (four), 567 g (20 oz) $12.00 Add to Cart

BEEF – Beretta Farms Inc.

Ground Beef, approximate weight 1 lb., $22.00/kg, ($9.98/lb.) Add to Cart

Stir-Fry, approximate weight 300 g (0.7 lb.), $23.00/kg ($10.43/lb.) *On Special* Add to Cart

PORK – Beretta Organic Farms Inc.

Pork Sweet Italian Sausage approximate weight 1 lb $16.00/kg ($7.26/lb.) *On Special* -not certified organic due to addition of spices which are not organic Add to Cart

CHICKEN – Fenwood Farm/Beretta Organic Farms Inc.

Whole Chicken approximate weight 3 to 5 lbs $9.00/kg ($4.08/lb.) *On Special* Add to Cart

Bone in Breast approximate weight 0.5 lb to 1.2 lb. $17.50/kg ($7.94/lb.) **On Special** Add to Cart

Ground Chicken, 1 lb. $24.00/kg ($10.89/lb.) *On Special* Add to Cart

Cold Cuts are organic meat, but have added spices which are not organic, and for that reason are not certified organic (cold cuts are now frozen)

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